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CNC Water Jet Machine

Approx Price: Rs 45 Lakh / Set(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set(s)
Technical characteristics description
CNC water-jet cutting machine is composed with cutting table, HP pump, CNC
control system with cutting software, cutting head, Hp water valve, and sand controlling
system. Also you can choose optional systems such as auto abrasive feeding system,
water softening system and oil cooling system according your requests.

1 Cutting table
YCWJ-L2515 structure feature:
- Casting beam and Y-axis base frame make it have excellent precision and stability.
- Table body and water tank which are sub aspect structure, lessen the pressure of sands and machined parts to moving parts.
- X-axis and Y-axis transmit to rolling nut ball screw mandrel.

Controlling system:
We adopt the famous NAIKY controlling system and MITSUBISHI AC servo digit driving
system and AC servo motor.
- 17”LCD liquid crystal display
- DNC on-line working function
- Functions of returning arbitrary point, bending, and circular arc working auto deceleration.
- Function of cutting figure imitation display.
- 80GB memory hard disk

Chief technical parameter:
- work area
- X-axis2500mm
- Y-axis1500mm
- Z-axis150mm
- repeatability0.025mm
- XY speed0-15m/min
- controlling accuracy±0.01mm
- cutting accuracy±0.1mm
power380VAC, 50Hz , 3 phase 4 wire system (can be customized)

2 Abrasive cutting system
Abrasive cutting system is composed with YCWJ integrative cutting head, YCWJ Hp
water switch, YCWJ abrasive meter, sand valve and sand feeding bin.
YCWJ integrative abrasive cutting head:
The cutting efficiency of YCWJ integrative abrasive cutting head is one of highest machine
in the world.
- It has rectification function and lessens the time of assembling.
YCWJ hp water switch:
- Air valve can open and close the hp water instantaneously.
- With the help of CNC we can control hp water automatically.
- Blockage pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily to realize the operation under the low
pressure circumstances.
YCWJ-sand feeding system:
- Dynamic sand feeding
- Manual makes up the sand for the feeder (assisted with sand meter, auto feeder can
realize automatically feeding)
DCAS-B sand valve:
- Dynamic sand feeding
- With the help of CNC we can control abrasive automatically.

3 Hp system
(configuration) YCG3038-HP systems:
Hp generator:
-the configurations single pole two-way plunger type intensifier
- The chief hp spare parts (HP Cylinder, Check valve body, High pressure seals, Low
pressure seals, Check valve and Water switch repair kits) of intensifier are imported from
- USA pipeline
- Single-row type water filtering system (5Micron, 1micron, 0.45micronparallel)
- Manual pressure regulation function
- Extra pressure auto stop and protection
- Three-ply safeguards
- Plunger Oil pump is from Shanghai HP Pump Company

4 PCIMC-6A special software(NAIKY)
The functions of PCIMC-6A are as follows:
- Change DXF document which is educed from AUTOCAD into numerical control process.
- serial communications between PC and CNC.
- Open database can shore parameter, just click the material, parameter will be loaded
- Calculate length of line and time automatically
- Control cut-out and cut-in automatically
- cutting track auto imitation function

5 YCWJ-A auto abrasive feeding system(option item)
It provides the functions of shoring and sanding sands for the machine, also improves the
automation and lessens intensity of labor.
- Capacity: 100/170L
- High accuracy can remain workers when to feed sands.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: YCWJ-L2515
  • Delivery Time: 45 to 60 days

CNC Waterjet Machine - DWJ1525-FC with DIPS6 2230

Approx Price: Rs 43 Lakh / Set(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set(s)
1. Cutting table- DWJ1525-FC CNC X-Y cutting table- Structure: Flying arm- Travel of X axis: 1500mm- Travel of Y axis: 2500mm- Travel of Z axis: 210 mm

- Ball screw& LM Guide way System- NC system- : Washing 101/102 Large Program can run directly from USB Pen Drive. Certain Programs can also be stored on NC System by USBPen Drive. Graphic Display of the Cutting Profile Retrace of Cut Path is possible Panel, Control Unit & Keypad is IP65 Protected. Typical NC Interface on Board with RS2 32 & USB Slot.
 Hand wheel as an option. Global customer Network Support.- In case of Power Failure, Machine need not run complete program fileagain. It can start cutting from the same block where the Power Failureoccurred by creating a new NC Program.- Motion System : Servo Drive, Delta- Traverse Speed : 15 m/min max- Contour Speed : 2 m/min- Linear Positioning Accuracy : ± 0.05 mm- Linear Positioning Repeatability : ± 0.05 mm
- Maximum Load Capacity: 1000 kg/m2 or Higher Load Capacity as perrequest.- Power supply: 380~415V AC, 50Hz, 3 Phase (Standard) (or) as per yourPurchase Order• CAM Software (1 set)i. Auto- transforming AutoCAD files into G Codes and M Codes.ii. The Nesting Module supports Auto and Manual Nesting with optionof Move, Rotate, Mirror, Array operations with multi part selectionfacility.iii. This software has feature of Sharp Angle slow down to generateperfect profileiv. The CAD Module supports the definition of process data includingLead-In, Lead-Out, Marker, drill, cut-style, stitch, corner loop etc.v. The CAD Module has library of various Shapes
2. HIGH PRESSURE PUMPDIPS6-2230 High Pressure- Far Higher Efficiency- Very Low Operating Cost- Smooth and Consistent pressure at the Nozzle- Easy to carry out maintenance- Max. Operating pressure: 40000 psi (300mpa)- Pressure Intensification ratio: 24:1- Max. Flow rate: 3.1 lpm- Inlet water pressure: 0.4 mpa (For Intensifier)- Triple cartridge inlet water filtration to 0.5 micron with inlet and outlet pressuregauges.- Pressure control valve.- Pump is mounted on its own skid for vibration isolation and easy service.- Main motor power: 22kw / 30HP- Voltage: 415 VAC, 50Hz, 3 Phase (Standard) or as per your Purchase Order- Inlet Water pressure for heat exchanger :0.8 mpa
Integral Inlet water filters (5Micron, 1micron, 0.45micron in series)- Working hour counter- Special tool kit for maintenance / repair- Arbitrarily hands adjusting working pressure- Automatically shut down (Trip Off) in case of super pressure of oil or lowpressure of water for protection.- Dimensions:(Approximately)
• Length – 1670mm• Width - 920mm• Height – 1180mm

3. DWCH ON/OFFValve (1 set)- Pneumatic pressure driven valve to release andstop the high pressure water going into the cuttinghead. This valve is automatically controlled as perthe program given to the CNC Controller.

4. DSP7 Abrasive cutting head (1 set)- Cutting Head includes 3 main parts namely:Orifice, Mixing Chamber and Focusing Tube (Nozzle)Which are made from extremely wearMaterials.- Pure Water cuts can be made with the same orificeso that re-tooling takes only a few seconds.- Mini Hopper Abrasive supply System

5.DCAS-B Abrasive controlling valve system (1 set)- It is mounted directly on to the motion system.Thus, the abrasive hose transfer the abrasive tothe cutting head quickly, was long hose length results in poor cut quality.- Specific Abrasive Control & variables requiredduring cutting is maintained.- The consistent regulated feedreduces wastage of abrasive & gives in a perfect
cutting jet to give smoother cutting edge on theworkpiece.- It is easy to use & monitor the maximum abrasive flowrate for the better performance during cutting.- No special tools required for day to day maintenance

Additional Information:
  • Delivery Time: 45-60 days
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